Thursday, November 16, 2006


Very bittersweet afternoon I just spent. Business, then lunch. (What the hell is he thinking?) But, I pulled no punches and totally spoke my mind.

I have said this before, but it bears repeating.
Life just breaks your heart, dunnit?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ah, But is it Worthy?

I seem to have this knack, a penchant towards discontinued items. I no sooner discover something I like, thinking I have found my signature style when it becomes discontinued. For example:

Discontinued bra styles.
Discontinued scents.
Discontinued lip and nail colors.
Discontinued restaurants.
..and who knows, sometimes maybe even
Discontinued people.

Among these is a body mist called Moon Petal Musk. It has become impossible to find.
I am actually bidding on some from EBay as we speak.

Anyhow, during the summer I found sampler sets of various body mists and lo and behold... there was moon petal musk. Only thing was I had to buy 3 others I didn't want. I continued to hunt and found a second pack of 4 containg the elusive scent.
So, I casually switched things around a bit and had 2 of what I wanted, and 2 lesser ones, quickly paid and left. Turns out the sets were on sale too! I was happy.

A few days later, I needed to go food shopping. My daughter was coming with me, and she spritzed herself with one of the other scents. I happily put on my musk.

She questioned me. "Mom, we are only going to Pathmark"
Yeah, I know...
"So, is it really Moon Petal Musk worthy?" she asked.

Good point. I realize I only have so much of the stuff, don't know when or if I will be able to get any more.

So my friends, should you find yourself in my company, and happen to catch a whiff of the moon petal musk, consider yourself very worthy indeed!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So, it's still fall, election day, and having already cast my vote I swept up leaves in front of my house, then came in and looked at my Outhouses calendar.

Looks like a hot sunny fall afternoon., maybe late afternoon. A small dark green wooden outhouse with lazy shadows and wooden shingles on a pointed roof this time. It's very small but appears to fill the bill. But, a latch with a lock hanging on it, so one would need a key.

But I love the quote -

"Every true poet, independently of the ideas that come to
him from eternal truth, should contain the sum of the ideas of his time."
-Victor Hugo

Ahhh Victor

I seek these things among others. They make me feel alive. Hopefully, I do manage an interesting cross section, cause I love and am open to all of these kind of ideas. In any case, I enjoy tuning in.