Saturday, April 04, 2009

April 4th

I remember April 4th, 1968 very vividly.

My parents were great..they would take us out, individually, in groups etc. This was to be my turn. We went to dinner at the restaurant at the museum of modern art. Up until that time, after all the times we had gone there, I didn't know they had one. I felt so honored. Next on the agenda was going to Carnegie Hall to see Duke Ellington perform his new spiritual music. It was so great. But....then... before the show started. Paster Genzel came out... I had met and seen him many times before at the jazz masses our parents took us to. He came out and announced that Martin Luther King had been shot and murdered. He led a prayer. I don't think I can ever remember seeing my dad cry like that.

They continued the show, and I have to say it was great. Everyone was so numb. I was in awe of how they were even able to perfom. But they decided to go on because it was spiritual music. Duke was on it. I will never forget that night.