Friday, October 16, 2009

When John died

I had just started a new job... but it felt creepy to me. Harold had been watching Monday Night football....he came running up to my room and told me John had been shot, and no one can get info on it. I immediately said "well, he can't be dead"

then I tuned into Vince Scelsa...he had to announce the sad news. I wept like a baby...

I went and quit my job the next day..I felt like life was too short...and something about it felt creepy to me. Young girl in my 20's, at the beck and call of these men..something was I walked in and quit.

then I went home... I was drowning myself in the radio...they were all doing all Lennon, all day.

Then, my Grandad showed up...I was initially annoyed...I just wanted to drown in Lennon tunes, interviews alone...

But, he sat with me... he is/was an amazing fan of music.
He honored my grief...He sat and listened with me, and told me what he liked about it
He was never a big Beatle He gave John a real listen...for me.

I treasure these things