Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm "it"

I have been tagged. I believe, in part as a gentle nudge to jump start me back to participating in the blogging arena. Life, loss and other things, seem to have affected my ability to write, and sometimes even think at times. And as this does happen to be my birthday month and a milestone year, it seems a timely nudge.

Anyhow, blogger Knowleypowley of New Gold Dream has tagged me to enter my birthday at Wikipedia and share the following:

Three Events
1657 - Freedom of religion is granted to the Jews of New Amsterdam (later New York City).
(because freedom of religion as well as from religion is so important, my name is of Dutch descent, NYC is my hometown, and it took place 300 years before my birth, an even number)

1912 - Opening day for baseball stadiums Tiger Stadium in Detroit, Michigan, and Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. (because baseball is like jazz, and the constitution, a positive landmark of American history and culture. One of these, is to be torn down this year, one is still in use. It is sad sometimes that as young as this country is, there is a lack of respect for historical landmarks.)

1986 - Pianist Vladimir Horowitz performed in his native Russia for the first time in 61 years. The concert was viewed by millions on television. (because I remember this very well, was very very moved by it, and because I play the piano as well)

Two Birthdays
1893 - Harold Lloyd, American actor (d. 1971) - one of the greats, and at this point the image of hanging high above the street from the hands of a clock is a metaphor I can relate to.

1908 - Lionel Hampton, American musician (d. 2002) - powerful musician, whom I admire, and because I happen to like sending people "good vibes" which I also believe are powerful.

( 1940 - George Takei, American actor -stealing a 3rd, but hey, it's Sulu!)

One Death
1992 - Benny Hill, British comedian (b. 1924) - need I really say more?

One Holiday
Many cannabis users smoke marijuana on April 20th, in keeping with the expression four-twenty. Ahhh, now this is one that I would like to observe this year.

I think I will now pass the tag onto Danny Pitt Stoller of Everything Shines and Lever of Forever Blue Skies