Thursday, December 08, 2011


I used to scribble lots of things down on paper and came across this recently so I thought I would share:

As I walked into the waiting room my therapist was just seeing out his previous appt, a boy of about 8 or 9 while stopping to confer with the mom for a moment.

"you can go right in" he indicated acknowledging my entrance.

"You mean you do grown ups too!" the boy burst out with great surprise and enthusiam.
I couldn' help but smile widely and laugh slightly
Yeah even grown-ups I say as I make my way into the inner sanctum.

He runs in behind me regarding me as a curiosity or a kindred spirit, I am not sure which. "Where is it, where IS it?" he says
What I ask what are you looking for?
At this point the therapist walks in and tells the boy it is time to go, the game has been packed up and they will play again next time.

He shuts the door behind the boy's exit and takes the seat opposite, facing me
So, who's a grown-up anyway? I ask