Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Full Moon Night

Full Worm Moon to be exact but


Some thoughts on my father.
It's his birthday today.
He called to thank me while I was waiting online at pathmark for the book I sent, on the parallel sayings of Marx & Lennon (groucho and john of course)
I had gotten something else but in my mind this was what I really wanted for him, so yesterday I just went to amazon and spent whatever it took to get it to him today.
He loved it, I was so glad. He mentioned some good talks we have had, including marx and lennon.

My father is quite a character. One of the most intelligent men I have ever met. He grew up without his own father, lost him when he was 5.
But when it came to us, he was very involved with the world, very much an activist, and placed us in world events.
I went to many marches and things and remember feeling like it mattered, like my presence even as a kid really mattered. Because of that, I truly experienced the 60's, the very palpable feeling of communion and hope that existed and for that I am grateful.

I remember when I was in 5th grade, he took me to DC to the march that was part of the Poor People's campaign. It was one of the last things Martin Luther King was instrumental in planning before he was murdered. Coretta Scott King among others spoke.

I remember Resurrection City..the kind of shanty town built on the spot. My father wanted me to pose for a pic in front of it. I remember thinking it was a frivolous thing to do in such a serious setting. I was taking pictures of the scene myself because I wanted to document it on it's own, but felt a little weird, like I was intruding. Anyhow, I obliged my dad and still have the photos. I also still have the buttons.
I remember getting up at 5 am to catch the bus out of Manhattan. When we arrived in DC the bus went through alot of the poor neighborhoods and people were smiling, waving and welcoming us,so happpy to see us...It was so beautiful.
I remember arriving home after midnight but still having to go to school the next day. I was sent in with an absent note. "Please excuse Annie's absence yesterday. She attended the Poor People's March". She looked from me to the note and back again.
"Is this for real?" she asked.
I remember telling her an emphatic yes, and then her asking in a tone suggesting she was calling my bluff..."well, would you like to tell the whole class about it? "YESSS" I answered, like I couldn't believe my luck. Not only did I get to go, but I was gonna get to TALK about it to everyone now too.
And I remember...I did.

I was really kinda on my own planet... (always, and yay! full moon night)

He is a little more fragile now .. Or, fra-GILL-lee as he'd be the first to point out groucho would say it.
I have had to face some personal fragility lately which is not easy. Like I have been such a fool. How could I have allowed certain things to happen and allow others not to?

But hey, you know what they say...
hindsight is 14billion/14billion


Blogger Within Without said...


I'm sorry I've been away so long. This is so poignant, especially given your latest post on your dad dying.

I've still yet to read that post, but what's evident here is the involved role he played in your life.

From way far away, my immediate reaction is to say how much I admire him for doing that for you.

And how happy I am that you recognize what he did.


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