Friday, March 03, 2006

March Madness

She is 19 today I can hardly believe it.
We had a nice talk this wasn't even the subject matter. (well a little)
I made her some breakfast, and we just hung out, nice and easy.
I love her madly.

My grandfather's birthday was March 4th. I was just made aware today that tomorrow would have been his 100th birthday. I didn't realize that.

Had she been born 2 hours later, they would have had the same birthday.

It's good she wasn't! She was born in emergency surgery.
And, I like that she has her own day.
I remember just as they were putting me under, reeling, I could hear the doctors joking around with eachother and talking about what to eat. and I thought "what the hell is this? am I in a MASH episode or what?" It was actually funny to me, even in that state. My last thought before officially becoming a mother.

To this day she can't say the word strategy...but says it like bugs bunny sounding more like "strayd-ja-dee"

Her dad dropped off a gift this morning... I noticed his card, that we are giving her cards separately, and my mind screamed (no! this is wrong, we are supposed to be doing this together. we are supposed to be a family!)
Again.. odd little things pointing out the big

My father's birthday is in March, and so was Bruce's.

Life just breaks your heart...... dunnit?


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