Sunday, July 11, 2010


There was to be a Richmond Hill reunion up at the bandshell at Forest Park today. A guy I went to high school with contacted me about a week ago:

"Are you gonna be there? he asked.
I guess so, I still live in Richmond Hill so it's easy for me to get to.
"Good" he said, and went on to say that he and his wife would arrive around 2.

(and then I put it out of my mind)

So, today when I got up I saw reminders on facebook about it. I was feeling ambivalent. I really wasn't sure if it was going to be old high school people, or people who used to live in Richmond Hill/Woodhaven...or a combination. In other words I wasn't sure what the crowd would be or if it would be people I knew.

I was trying to make up my mind. It was so inviting to just stay home. My brother was watching the Met game (which we rarely get) and the soccer finals were coming on. And although I have no interest...the netherlands are in it and I am partly of Dutch descent.

Then, I decided I should just get the fuck out. I went and showered, put on makeup, and tried to pull together a cute summer outfit; printed out a pic of my kids and literally kicked myself out the door.

Once I was on my way...I found myself into it...really starting to feel into it. It would be fun to hang out in forest park like that...haven't done that in years. I have not been feeling too good about my looks lately, but as I walked through the park, I saw I was getting checked out, and that inspired confidence to face the ol' reunion crowd as I got closer....whatever the crowd may be!

I approached the curve in the road leading to the bandshell with great anticipation. A park worker chatted me up for a minute. Then I was on my way but "oh no" I thought, what is this. I saw some wooden planks in the distance. "This doesn't look good" I thought. Then I got there and saw it....the whole bandshell area was fenced in, being redone...a total construction site.

OK, I was a bit freaked, but I figured they just came up with an alternate spot in the area. There is a big picnic area nearby. I walked through. There were all kinds of parties - birthday, showers, I think even a wedding...but no reunion people. At one point I thought I recognized someone and began to approach her. Then I heard her speak and realized I was wrong. Thankfully, I didn't make a fool of myself.

I went back to the parking lot...looking for confused people. It was pretty barren 'cept for a team of some sort gathering. I walked other surrounding areas and then back through the picnic area.
Damn there were all sorts of delicious barbecue smells in the air. So many parties but not a one for me. I decided it was time to walk back through the park and head home.

So, I went to the Reunion. A reunion for one. But, it was a beautiful day out, and the park was beautiful. And, if nothing else I got in a nice long...very long walk. That actually felt good. And hey if nothing else...

I tried!!


Blogger WithinWithout said...

rioLike you say, you tried...and that's all you CAN do -- try. Think of it -- because of your try, you STILL got to see and do many things you hadn't done in years.

7:22 PM  
Blogger Annie Van Bergen said...

Yes exactly, and that was the point of my post and the realization of my day. It was a beautiful day.

12:57 PM  

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